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The journey


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Mixing three of Colby's  favorites, video, photography and different types of natural sound or audio tracks. Check out this promo piece published 10/29/13 by Cal State University- Fresno!

Colby K. Neal's first published photos were by the U.S. Navy. Everything from schooling to learning to shoot like a pro was attained while working aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72).

From photojournalism to landscape photography and images captured from all over the world, Colby is always trying to create a resume second to none. 

Certified by the Department of Defense as a U.S. Navy Videographer, video production is a skill-set Sailor Made Media specializes in and enjoys the challenges each shoot brings.

"​Sailor Made Media is more than just another photography or video production website. It's a digitized summary of my life's journey and passion. I hope I can share my dedication, unique skills and story with you. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!" Owner- Colby K. Neal

Film: scene Remakes

My Blueberry nights

Director of Photography and Editor


Forward Progress: Life of a junior college football coach